2019 Ford Ranger – 5 Misses

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By SID297

2019 Ford Ranger – 5 Misses

What We Didn’t

Ford got totally wrong with the 2019 Ranger.

By SID297

Earlier this week we published a list of what we here at SVTP consider to be 5 of the best features of the upcoming 2019 Ford Ranger.  However, with the good comes the bad.  While this is purely an opinion piece, we believe this list tracks right to the heart of former Ranger owners.  Traditionally, Ranger buyers seemed to like their trucks more ‘trucky’ than most other truck buyers.  So it stands to reason our list is made up of those burlier features that make a small truck more capable and engaging.  Without further adieu, here is SVTP’s list of Five 2019 Ford Ranger Misses.

No Manual Transmission

Call me a dinosaur, but I like rowing my own gears.  I know that I’m part of a dying breed, but I’m a Lifetime Member of the Save the Manuals Foundation.  Nothing beats having the extra level of control and engagement with your vehicle that a stick-shift offers.  It just makes the combination of man and machine more meaningful.

Now I certainly understand that automatics have progressed to the point that they are superior to a manual in basically every performance metric.  Still, if given the option; 9 times out if 10 I’ll choose a manual over a slush-box.  Here’s to hoping that the Global Ranger’s manual transmission option will eventually find its way into the US spec model.

No Diesel Engine Option

It’s no secret that I have a lot of love for compression ignition engines.  For some reason the smell of diesel fuel and the clatter of an oil-burner just makes me happy.  So it should come as no surprise that I was very disappointed that the Ranger was not introduced with a diesel engine option.  The 3.2L Powerstroke is already offered in the Global Ranger in many markets, but it looks like there’s a very real chance that we may miss out on it here.  That is doubly disappointing when you consider…





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