SVT_Troy’s Terminator Build

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By SID297

SVT_Troy’s Terminator Build

Spring Fever

Everyone loves a fresh round of mods.

By SID297

Few things put a smile on my face like amassing a pile of hi-po parts and digging deep into a round of mods.  While it can be plenty of fun to install one modification at a time, there’s nothing like blowing a car apart and essentially putting a new car back together thanks to a bunch of shiny new goodies.  It would seem that SVTP Member SVT_Troy (“Troy”) feels the same way, and his Terminator is all the more better for it.

A VMP TVS Supercharger is the centerpiece of this ultra clean engine bay.

Recently, Troy gathered some of the finest mods you can buy for an 03-04 SVT Cobra, including; a RaceBronco Hood, a beefy Steeda K-Member, Weld RTS Wheels with Hoosier slicks, an American Racing Solutions Tensioner, and Maximum Motorsports lower control arms.  In addition to those fun bits he added Royal Purple Synchromax Oil and a Stifflers Solid Trans Mount work together to make shifting smoother and more precise.

Ouch, that had to hurt. But it looks like a good reason to mod to us.

In the power department Troy has a Killer Chiller cooling the fluid in a rear mounted coolant tank, which feeds an upgraded intercooler core.  Also, an upgraded fuel system supports the power produced by a custom modified VMP TVS Supercharger blowing through a ported lower intake manifold.  Broken spider gears after a trip to the track spurred the purchase of G-Force half shafts, a Wavetrac differential, and a set of Viking shocks.  All of this fun stuff has added up to a great looking, especially under the hood, Black Terminator that is a seriously potent street machine.  I highly suggest checking out the full build thread by clicking the link below:





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