2019 Ford Ranger – 5 Hits

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By SID297

2019 Ford Ranger – 5 Hits

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Ford got a lot right with the 2019 Ranger.

By SID297

It’s been a couple weeks since the 2019 Ford Ranger was introduced at the 2018 North American International Auto Show, and we’ve had time to digest some of the information presented with it.  I have to say that it is a good looking truck, and I’m really looking forward to getting behind the wheel of one.  While that’s going to be a bit farther down the road, enough time has passed for us absorb the information Ford has provided us thus far.  So here are the Five Hits we here at SVTP see with the 2019 Ford Ranger.

Dana Axles

One of the few surprisingly specific details that Ford provided about the upcoming Ranger was that it will come equipped with Dana axles both front and rear.  While we don’t know which models will be sourced, it’s highly likely that they’ll be part of Dana’s 3rd generation of axles and components.  This new family of axles is designed to increase efficiency and fuel economy, while also remaining very strong.  So I would not expect a traditional Dana 44 rear, but we may very well see something even stronger.

10R80 10-Speed Automatic Transmission

One of the breakout piece of technology that Ford has released in the last several years has been the 10R80 transmission.  In the F-150 is has proven very strong, and in the Mustang GT it has added an incredible new level of performance compared to the previous 6R80 trans (which is a great unit in its own right).  As good as the 10R80 is in the F-150…






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