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Caption Contest

Take a Seat

Make us laugh and you just might score an SVTP sticker

By Steve Turner

Hopefully you checked out our coverage of the TMI Products seat upgrade in Project Vapor Trail that we posted yesterday. If not, click over to it right now! You can come back to this fun later. You are back? OK. Now, let’s get to it.

Well, when you remove the seats from your Mustang, you might need to put it back in the garage. Yours truly enlisted a step stool as an impromptu chair to pull PVT back into the sequestered safety of the garage and its car cover. Unfortunately, Mrs. Editor Turner snapped a shot of me looking like a kid in a go-cart after I pulled into the garage.

Now, I know I am opening myself up to some ponytail jokes, but if you can’t have fun at your own expense, then you take yourself too seriously. So, be sure you are a registered SVTP member and post your funny caption in the comments below by midnight on Tuesday June 3. We’ll pick our favorite funny and let the winner know a week from today. The winner will join the cool kids’ club by winning an sticker for his or her ride.

Happy captioning!

Who needs some new TMI seats?
Who needs some new TMI seats?



26 thoughts on “Caption Contest”

  1. If Mustang guys are cutting weight like this what are the Dodge guys going to have to do?

    Alternate: Something tells me this front seat delete kit isn’t going to sell that well.

  2. First I was like where they hell is the seat and then I had to zoom in to see if it’s a guy or girl. Sorry bro but I think u need to cut that thing off. U could donate it to a good cause.

  3. Wow. I guess I should make fun of myself more often! Keep those captions rolling in. It’s going to be tough to pick a favorite.

    Also DON’T FORGET to share our Share our Seats post over on Facebook for a shot at a $100 TMI Products gift certificate! You have until Tuesday.

  4. This was a tough call, but Theresa Brown is the big winner with:

    “Front seat delete #FTW”

    Theresa, just PM your info to SID297 and we will get that SVTPerformance sticker out to you.

    Thanks to everyone for playing along.

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