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Caption Contest

In the Raw

Make us laugh and you just might score an SVTP sticker

By Steve Turner

Who doesn’t love a good double entendre? Now if you aren’t a photographer, you might not get this dude’s shirt. You see, camera RAW is a digital camera image format that allows more post-shot tweaking than your more traditional formats because it packs a lot of photographic information into a large file size. These files are not ready for use, and must be processed first, so some think of them as the digital equivalent of film negatives.

I shoot RAW.
I shoot RAW.

That’s enough of the photo-geek stuff. This fine gent was obviously looking for a laugh from his ‘I Shoot RAW’ T-shirt. He was perched in the stands at the NMRA race at Maryland International Raceway shooting cars on the strip, which is where yours truly caught him in action. I can hear myself thinking ‘Caption Contest,’ as soon as I saw the shirt and clicked the shutter.

Now, I’m sure you can come up with a funny caption for this one. So, be sure you are a registered SVTP member and post your funny caption in the comments below by midnight on Thursday June 12. We’ll pick our favorite funny and let the winner know a week from today. The winner will join the cool kids’ club by winning an sticker for his or her ride.



6 thoughts on “Caption Contest”

  1. RAW: because starting line access and JPEG are sooo overrated .


    Look Ma! I’m a big kid now!


    My CF card is bigger than yours! Because RAW.

    Sorry I couldn’t stop at just one lol.

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