Event: SVTP/CJPP Exhaust Competition

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By SID297

Event: SVTP/CJPP Exhaust Competition

Bring the Noise

Enter to win a $500 gift certificate in the inaugural SVTPerformance/CJ Pony Parts exhaust competition at Mustang Week

By SID297

Photos courtesy of Ford Racing

It just wouldn’t be Mustang Week without the SVTPerformance.com/Discount Tire Burnout Competition. We all know that. For those that aren’t prepared to burn down a set of tires, we have another contest that anyone can enter.

1 SVTP CJPP Exhaust CompetitionWe’re excited to announce an additional contest for Mustang Week 2014, The SVTPerformance.com/CJ Pony Parts Exhaust Competition. Along with wheels, tires, intake, and tuning, exhaust is one of the factory components that Mustang fans can’t wait to modify. There are almost infinite combinations of off-the-shelf exhaust components available from the aftermarket.

I’m sure you have seen, or shall we say ‘heard,’ exhaust competitions in at other events, but ours is a bit different. Instead of focusing on total volume, we’re making sound quality the center of this competition.

Longbeards_Crop_001Held during the SVTPerformance.com Cruise-In on Thursday July 17th at Longbeards Bar & Grill, each participant will have 45 seconds to present the full range of their exhaust tone to the crowd. However, during those 45 seconds the participant must:

• Start the engine.

• Perform at least one rev from idle to 3,000 rpm

• Perform at least one rev from idle to 5,000 rpm

• The remaining time is open for free styling

• At the end of the 45 seconds, the engine must be shut off

Just like the SVTP/Discount Tire Burnout Competition, the crowd in attendance will choose the winner of this competition. Sounds like fun, right? Well, you might be asking yourself, “How do I enter this awesome contest?”

2 SVTP CJPP Exhaust CompetitionWell, this is where it gets interesting. We’re going allow you to pre-qualify for the contest. Anyone is eligible. Well, anyone with a Ford is eligible. Of course, you also must attend the SVTP Cruise-In at Mustang Week 2014 (and let’s face it, this is not something you want to miss).

So, if you will be at Longbeards on Thursday July 17th and you would like to enter the SVTP/CJPP Exhaust Competition, all you need to do is post a video showcasing the exhaust tone of the vehicle (both engine and body must be Ford based) that will compete. Simply post the clip in this thread and include the following information:

• Name

• Year and model of the vehicle

• Major engine modifications

• A complete description of the car’s exhaust from the headers to the tips

Your entry clip should look something like this:

We will send out invitations via PM to the entrants that pique our interest the most, so feel free to get creative with your video submissions. The owner of the vehicle with the best exhaust tone will take home a $500 gift certificate from CJ Pony Parts and become the envy of SVTPers everywhere.

To make it even sweeter CJPP is putting together a prize package for all the participants. So, what are you waiting for? Get out your cameras, er, phones and start revving your engines.



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