News: 2015 Mustang Ford Racing Parts

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News: 2015 Mustang Ford Racing Parts

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Want Ford Racing Performance Parts for your 2015 Mustang? Here’s what’s coming soon…

By Steve Turner

With the media getting its first drives this week, the excitement and information about the highly anticipated 2015 Mustang is reaching a crescendo. As excited as we are to get behind the wheel of the stock S550, anyone reading here knows that Ford is just giving us a great foundation for mods. Fortunately, the Blue Oval’s own Ford Racing division has been hard at work developing a host of upgrades for the new ’Stang.

We know you will be clamoring to mod your 2015 Mustang as soon as you get it, and Ford Racing is ready for you.
We know you will be clamoring to mod your 2015 Mustang as soon as you get it, and Ford Racing is ready for you.
Here is the good stuff from the Ford Racing Performance Parts brochure that dealers will receive at Ford’s preview show in Las Vegas, Nevada, tomorrow.
Here is the good stuff from the Ford Racing Performance Parts brochure that dealers will receive at Ford’s preview show in Las Vegas, Nevada.

In Las Vegas, Ford dealers are getting a preview of what’s to come from the factory. Part of that preview includes a look at what Ford Racing Performance Parts are in the pipeline. Well, thanks to the power of the Internet and a friendly dealer, your pals at SVTP got our hands on the brochure the dealers are receiving in Sin City. What it says is pretty exciting!

To increase the performance of the revised Coyote engine, Ford Racing is offering a supercharger kit (!) and a pair of exhaust systems. Here are the official details:

2015 Mustang GT Supercharger Kit

• Fits 2015 Mustang GT with manual transmission

• Black Wrinkle Finish

• Ford Racing Custom Supercharger Calibration, 600-plus horsepower

• Factory Warranty, when installed by Ford dealer

Kit Includes:

• Ford Racing/Roush 2.3-liter Twin Vortices Series (TVS) Supercharger Assembly

• Ford Racing/Roush intake manifold, electronic throttle body, air inlet system and fuel rail

• Complete air-to-liquid intercooler system with intercooler pump, heat exchanger and intercooler reservoir

2015 Mustang GT Cat-Back System, Sport

Ford Racing has partnered with industry leader Borla Exhaust to offer the first in a series of Ford Racing by Borla with stainless steel tubing that is designed and fit to Ford Racing specs.

M-5200-M8SC Chrome Tip

M-5200-M8SB Black Tip

• Fits 2015 Mustang GT

• Bolts to stock catalytic converters

• 30 pounds lighter than the factory Cat-Back system

• Integral X-pipe

• 2.5-inch, stainless steel, mandrel-bent Cat-Back tubing

• Polished stainless steel tip; available in chrome or black chrome

• Loud, aggressive sound is 49-state drive-by noise legal

2015 Mustang GT Axle-Back Exhaust Systems

M-5230-M8SC (49-State Legal)

M-5230-M8TC (50-State Legal)

• Axle back system

• 2.5-inch, stainless steel, mandrel-bent tubing

• Chrome-plated, stainless-steel tip

• Loud, aggressive sound is 49-state drive-by noise legal

For your new Mustang’s driveline, Ford Racing will have gear sets, a short-throw shifter, and upgraded halfshafts. Here are the official specs:

2015 Mustang GT 8.8-inch IRS Ring Gear and Pinion Sets

The ring gear and pinion has been redesigned for the 2015 Mustang IRS center section and Ford Racing is first to market with a selection of gear ratios for the Mustang enthusiast.

M-4209-88315A 3.15:1 Ratio

M-4209-88331A 3.31:1 Ratio

M-4209-88355A 3.55:1 Ratio

M-4209-88373A 3.73:1 Ratio

2015 Mustang GT Short-Throw Shifter


• Fits 2015 Mustang GT with manual

• Reduces shift throw by 15 percent

• CNC machined lower shift handle with Ford Racing logo shifter ball

2015 Mustang Halfshaft Assemblies

• Fits 2015 Mustang GT, V6, and I4 EcoBoost

• Replacement halfshaft assemblies

• CNC machined from aerospace high alloy materials

• Billet one-piece inner and outer stub ends

• 31-spine axle bars with anti-wheel hop technology

Want even better handling, chassis rigidity, and braking? Ford Racing will have the gear to help your cause:

2015 Mustang GT Lowering Springs, 1-inch Drop


• Fits 2015 Mustang GT

• Kit includes front and rear springs

• Gives a more aggressive looking stance as well as increased handling dynamics

2015 Mustang GT Strut-Tower Brace


• Fits 2015 Mustang with GT 5.0-liter Four-Valve Ti-VCT engine

• Parallel-beam design for added rigidity

• Black powdercoated

• Stainless-steel Ford Racing emblem

2015 Mustang GT Six-Piston Brake Kit


• Fits 2015 Mustang GT, V6 and I4 EcoBoost

• Original equipment on 2015 Mustang GT Performance Package

• Front features: 15-inch Brembo vented brake rotors and six-piston Brembo aluminum calipers

• Rear features: 13.8-inch Brembo vented brake rotors, single-piston calipers and rear axle caliper brackets.

And, even if you missed out on the factory Recaros, you can get a set adorned with the Ford Racing logo:

2015 Mustang Ford Racing Logo Recaro Seats


• Similar to OEM sport seat found in the 2015 Mustang GT Performance Package

• Equipped with an integrated headrest, seat belt pass through openings and enhanced shoulder, back and thigh area bolsters.

• Manufactured for Ford Racing by Recaro

If you weren’t excited about modding these cars before, this host of possible upgrades from Ford Racing should get you pumped up. We simply cannot wait for these cars to hit the streets so we can dig into the modifications. Stay tuned to this page, as things are starting to heat up.



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  1. Nice!! 30lb weight savings, is pretty significant on that Sport exhaust. Cannot wait to hear how it sounds since Borla was involved. I love my Borla Stingers on my 03 Cobra.

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