New Product: 2015 Mustang FRPP Exhaust

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New Product: 2015 Mustang FRPP Exhaust

Aggressive Sound

Ford Racing’s EcoBoost and GT exhaust systems are available

By Steve Turner
Photos courtesy of Ford Racing

If you are like us, almost any stock Mustang is too quiet. Well, if you are looking for a more aggressive exhaust sound from your 2015 Mustang, Ford Racing is ready for you. Its S550 exhaust systems are now available, and there are a number of choices for both EcoBoost and Mustang GT applications.

If you want an easy upgrade, Ford Racing offers muffler kits for Mustang EcoBoost and GT models.
If you want an easy upgrade, Ford Racing offers muffler kits for Mustang EcoBoost and GT models.

Ford Racing partnered with Borla to offer both muffler kits and full cat-back systems in both Touring and more aggressive Sport configurations. While the muffler kits only feature chrome tips, the full cat-back kits are available with either chrome or black-chrome tips.

“This 2.25-inch cat-back exhaust system will give you performance sound. This cat-back exhaust system bolts directly to the stock factory catalytic converter, making your Mustang 100-percent emissions compliant,” says Ford Racing. “These tuned, stainless-steel mufflers with polished 4-inch, chrome-plated, stainless steel tips not only sound great but look great too.

All the systems share these characteristics:

Muffler Kits

• Fits 2015 Mustang 2.3-liter I4 EcoBoost or 2015 Mustang GT

• 2.5-inch, stainless steel, mandrel bent tubing  

• 4-inch, chrome-plated, stainless steel tip  

• Aggressive sound is 50-state drive-by noise legal  

• Uses stock hangers and mounts  

• Factory exhaust pipe must be cut to install clamp on Ford Racing axle back mufflers   

The GT cat-back system bolts on right after the stock cats and features and integral X-pipe.
The GT cat-back system bolts on right after the stock cats and features and integral X-pipe.

Cat-Back Kits

• Fits 2015 Mustang 2.3-liter I4 EcoBoost

• Bolts to stock catalytic converter

• Approximately 20 pounds (EcoBoost) or 30 pounds (GT) lighter than the factory cat-back system

• Integral Y-pipe (EcoBoost) or X-pipe (GT)

• 2.25-inch, stainless steel, mandrel-bent cat-back tubing

• 4-inch, chrome-plated stainless steel or black chrome-plated stainless steel tip  

• Loud, aggressive sound is 49-state drive-by noise legal

• Uses stock hangers and mounts  

We can’t wait to hear 2015 Mustangs rumbling around with aftermarket exhausts. For more info on the Ford Racing systems, check them out here. You can take a look at the install instructions for the muffler kit here and the cat-back here.



6 thoughts on “New Product: 2015 Mustang FRPP Exhaust”

  1. FRPP does a pretty good job dealing with the hand that Ford has dealt. And these pieces look to be well engineered. That said, I very interested to see if FRPP has even seriously discussed a plan of attack in terms of emissions legal headers. As most know, the driver side cat is integral to the manifold, and as such would make a performance/compliant header and header with cat assembly rather costly. My curiosity lies in the actual length of any behind closed doors discussion and whether or not it lasted more than five minutes before abandoning it for good and addressing the next item on that meeting’s agenda.

    I seriously hope Ford doesn’t do this with the 5.2 engine which would allow a more traditional style approach to exhaust modifications as opposed to having to toss any compliance out the window (which would probably mean FRPP wouldn’t be offering a given part, as they typically don’t do longtubes, etc0.

  2. I wouldn’t worry about SVT Tob. 🙂

    I hope they can allow (for simplicity’s sake) for a more conventional design. I noticed immediately the manifolds Dodge is using on the HC as well as what Ford was using on the ’15 V8 and there is definitely a pretty sharp contrast there. With the 5.2 belching out some hefty numbers, one can only hope that the variable cam timing will allow for some symmetrical manifolding. Ford no doubt saved money by eliminating a number of bolted joints in the latest exhaust system and I hope SVT can push back against certain cost constraints in this department with their ’16 model. It’ll be the first thing I look for beyond the glitzy paint, stickers, emblems, etc, that we’ll be inundated with come release time.

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