SEMA: 50 New Products

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SEMA: 50 New Products

Desert Swarm

Rounding up the hottest Ford products from The SEMA Show

By Steve Turner
Photos by Steve Turner and courtesy of SEMA

Now that the desert sand has settled and the automotive aftermarket legion has departed Sin City until next year, we’ve had the time to sort through thousands of photos. We’ve broken down the film and come up with some of the hottest Ford performance products of the show for your perusal.

With the Mustang taking home the coveted hottest car award, it should be no surprise that we found a lot of Mustang parts at the show. However, there was also cool gear there for other Fords as well.
With the Mustang taking home the coveted hottest car award, it should be no surprise that we found a lot of Mustang parts at the show. However, there was also cool gear there for other Fords as well.

OK, not all of them are strictly about going fast. Some of the gear is about looking good while you are going fast, but you get the idea.

The bottom line is that this year’s SEMA Show was an all-you-can-eat Las Vegas buffet of Ford gear. It was difficult for us to sift things down to manageable list, but we narrowed it down to nearly 50 shots and details on even more products

They aren’t all Mustang parts, but it is our favorite Pony car’s 50th anniversary, so you’d expect a number of Mustang products. Many of those were hot off the presses for the 2015 Mustang.

So, we have compiled everything from superchargers to suspensions and bushings to bumpsticks for your enjoyment.

Whether or not you made it out to this year’s show or not, you can start compiling that holiday wish list for your ride right here on SVTP! Enjoy.


2 SEMA New ProductsAeromotive took home a new-product award from The SEMA Show for its new X1 Series regulator. This new take on the adjustable regulator is lightweight and features an interchangeable diaphragm, seat, and spring. By switching between three different spring kits the regulator can be setup to run between 3 to 15 psi for carb applications or 35-75 psi  for EFI applications.

Afco Racing

3 SEMA New ProductsWe already previewed Afco Racing’s new blacked-out, twin-fan heat exchanger for Shelby GT500s. This is the blacked out heat exchanger for Roush or Whipple supercharged Raptor pickups. According to Afco it is three times thicker than existing heat exchangers and should drop coolant temps by up to 30 degrees. The fans move over 1,600 cfm of air across the core.

Airaid Filter Company

4 SEMA New ProductsWe are already well-versed in Airaid’s cold-air intake systems for the 2015 EcoBoost Mustang and GT. We’ll bring you some tests on those in the near future. However, the company also offered up a new intake system for the 2011-2014 F-150s at the show. Designed to efficiently feed both turbos, this system features cold air dam panels that snap into the factory location.

All-American Billet

5 SEMA New ProductsLooking for a stylish front engine accessory drive for your small-block Ford? All-American Billet showed off this complete system which is available in three finishes—polished, machined, and the company’s Silverline Series.

American Autowire

6 SEMA New ProductsBy now, Fox Mustangs are pretty long in the tooth. Odds are the factory wiring harness are hacked up with more butt connectors than your local auto parts store has in stock. If you need a complete new harness, American Autowire has one for the seminal early aero-nose Foxes in its 1987-89 Ford Mustang Classic Update Kit. This system features a compact fuse box protected by a 175-amp Megafuse. Not only does it support the factory connections, but it has provisions for adding aftermarket gauges.

Armageddon Turbo Systems

7 SEMA New ProductsOf course we are familiar with Armageddon Turbo Systems’ twin-turbo kit for the 2011-2014 Coyote and RoadRunner Mustangs. The company displayed its kit on a 1,400-horsepower Mustang in the Garrett Turbo booth.

Armageddon is offering a $1,000-off show special through November. They are also hard at work on a 2015 Mustang system.

Baer Brakes

49 SEMA New ProductsThe new Mustang has some impressive factory brake offerings, but if you want to upgrade its rotors, Baer Brakes is there for you. The company’s new 2015 Mustang Front and Rear Sport Rotors are slotted, drilled and zinc-plated.

Big Mike’s Performance Parts

8 SEMA New ProductsWe previewed the Sto N Show for Shelby GT500s in one of our highlight stories, but Big Mike’s Performance Parts also listed it as working for the 2015 Mustang. You definitely don’t want to screw a front license plate onto your new Mustang, so check out this hidden-mount, quick-release system.


9 SEMA New ProductsWe have found the new official SVTP company golf cart! Yes, from the same company that created the Shelby GT500 version is the SVT Raptor golf cart. This Caddyshack cart seats four and looks the Raptor part right down to a practical bed for hauling your gear.

Chris Alston’s Chassisworks

10 SEMA New ProductsIf you were dazzled by the solid-axle conversion in the CGS Performance 2015 Mustang, this is the Chris Alston Chassisworks‘ system that they used to get the job done. This universal setup will mount one of the company’s vaunted Fab9 9-inch rears into just about any vehicle.

Classic Design Concepts

11 SEMA New ProductsLast week we showed you both of Classic Design Concepts’ Outlaw Mustangs. The company will also offer all the parts seen on these cars a la carte. The headlining act on this tour of parts is the Outlaw wheel. Seen in its three available finishes, the sharp Outlaw wheel looks like it could be a popular choice for the S550 crowd.

Comp Cams

12 SEMA New ProductsYou have to love it when the aftermarket is ready with gear from the jump. Comp Cams unveiled a quintet of camshafts for the new GT. Its 2015 Coyote CY-R cams promise power gains without swapping valve springs. However you can push the 5.0 even harder with better valve springs, which Comp also offers. Compatible with the new mid-lock TiVCT, these bumpsticks are available in two blower grinds and three naturally aspirated grinds.

Comp Turbo Technology

13 SEMA New ProductsWe were stoked to see so many EcoBoost upgrades at this show, and Comp Turbo Technology offered up a biggie in the form of its 2011-2015 Ford F150 EcoBoost Billet Triplex Ceramic Ball Bearing Turbo Replacements. This dual-turbo upfitment will set you back $3,995 and features ball-bearing turbos, billet impellers, and Turbosmart EcoBoost Actuators.

DeatschWerks Fuel Systems

14 SEMA New ProductsOffering up a wide array of fuel system upgrades was DeatschWerks. The company had numerous pumps and injectors on display. These are its new 1,700cc low-impedence squirters, but they offer a number of even bigger injector sets.


15 SEMA New ProductsUsing a Triple Yellow 2015 Mustang as a display model, DefenderWorx showed off its line of officially licensed billet appearance add-ons for the latest Mustang and F-150. Available in chrome, matte black and two-tone finishes; this gear is cut from T-6061 aluminum. DW also offers window louvers, fender flares, and a roof spoiler for the 2015 Mustang.

E-Motion Products

16 SEMA New ProductsOne of the most intriguing new products at the show was the nGauge from E-Motion Products. Not only does it display data from the OBD-II port and log data to an SD card, this gauge does magic. It will flash your PCM with tunes from HP Tuners, Livernois Motorsports, and others. Better yet, it is conveniently designed to fit the 2015 Mustang dash! The company also offers a product called nDash with a touchscreen and even more features.

Energy Suspension

17 SEMA New ProductsWe know that the 2015 Mustang independent rear suspension and subframe will need better bushings to achieve a higher level of performance. Thankfully, Energy Suspension is on the case with a complete—and we mean complete—bushing upgrade kit for the new Mustang. In addition to the IRS bushings, the company also offers control arm and sway bar bushings for the S550.


18 SEMA New ProductsReady to sharpen the handling and set the stance of your 2015 Mustang? Eibach is on the case with its new Pro-Street-S setup. The system is said to feature matched spring rates which improve handling, grip, and turn-in response.

Ford Racing Performance Parts

19 SEMA New ProductsNaturally, one of the largest collections of new Mustang gear was in the Ford Racing Performance Parts display. The centerpiece of the display was the new Ford Racing/Roush supercharger system, but the factory performance division also offered up an exhaust system with side exits, a full complement of IRS bushings, heavy-duty halfshafts, an oil separator, coil covers, a strut-tower brace, a complete suspension, an upgraded shifter, a cold-air intake, gear sets, and more.

Gibson Exhaust

20 SEMA New ProductsOne of the first S550 parts we learned about was Gibson Performance’s 3-inch cat-back system for the 2015 Mustang GT. Available in stainless steel or black ceramic coated, this 3-inch system carries a lifetime warranty and is said to add over 30 horsepower and 30 lb-ft of torque.

Granatelli Motorsports

21 SEMA New ProductsHis family used to run Paxton Superchargers, so it’s intriguing to see JR Granatelli’s company now offering a Granatelli Motorsports-branded TVS supercharger for the Coyote engine.

Hellion Turbo

22 SEMA New ProductsWe also highlighted Hellion Power Systems’ turbo kit for the 2015 Mustang GT last week, but it’s worth reminding you that the company put together this system in a matter of weeks and it put down 750 horsepower at the rear wheels on a stock engine! Enough said.


23 SEMA New ProductsHolley Performance Products’ new exhaust division Hooker Blackheart showed off a bunch of new exhaust offerings for Mustangs. The headliners were axle- and cat-back exhaust systems for the 2015 Mustang GT. Hewn from stainless steel, these 3-inch systems are available with and without mufflers. The company promises that headers for these cars will be available in the spring of 2015.

HP Tuners

24 SEMA New ProductsHP Tuners officially debuted its VCM Suite for 2015 Mustang in Las Vegas. The company promises complete support for datalogging and tuning without a handheld device using the supplied dongle. Of course, if you want a device, there’s the new nGauge.

HPS Performance

25 SEMA New ProductsIf you want more durable, more attractive hoses for your 2011-2014 Coyote or RoadRunner, HPS Performance has a complete radiator hose kit. Retailing for $285 this kit is available in black, blue, and red.

ICON Vehicle Dynamics

26 SEMA New ProductsThose seeking more performance from the Raptor suspension have an option in the form of ICON Vehicle Dynamics’ Ford Raptor RXT Rear suspension system. The company says this system offers 20 percent more upward travel and 30 percent more downward travel from the suspension just by bolting on its RXT 3.0 bypass shock, adjustable leaf spring, and hydraulic bump stop.

Jet Performance Products

27 SEMA New ProductsAnother new option to get more airflow into your Ford engine is a series of PowerFlo throttle bodies from Jet Performance. They are said to offer improved flow and a plug-and-play installation. The company also showed off a new EcoBoost tuner.

Kooks Headers

28 SEMA New ProductsYou know you want a full exhaust for your new Mustang and Kooks Headers & Exhaust has one. The long-tubes route the exhaust through high-flow cats and into a 3-inch X-pipe, cat-back, and mufflers.

Livernois Motorsports

29 SEMA New ProductsQuickly making a name as an EcoBoost specialist, Livernois Motorsports had a few new GTDI upgrades on hand at the show. Foremost was an engine upgrade program for those wanting to pushing the performance envelope. However, the one that hit close to home for us was this 160-degree thermostat for the 2.0-liter EcoBoost, as found in the Focus ST. The company is hoping to offer one for the 2.3 in the Mustang.


30 SEMA New ProductsWe know that Magnaflow has a complete lineup of new systems for the 2015 Mustang, but the company has other Fords covered to. On display in Sin City was this new cat-back system for the 2015 Ford F-150 with EcoBoost.

McLeod Racing

31 SEMA New ProductsMcLeod Racing has a new, lightweight bellhousing that carries SFI 6.1 approval. The aluminum bell features a steel liner, and weighs in at only 13 pounds.


32 SEMA New ProductsSure, we showed it to you last week, but in case you missed one of our SEMA highlights stories, Moroso has an aluminum coolant tank for the 2015 Mustang. You have to admit this aluminum beauty looks much nicer than the stock plastic bubble.

MSD Performance

33 SEMA New ProductsMSD Performance’s coils for the Coyote 5.0 promise increased output and better high-rpm operation. However, it is the companion coil covers that might just put these on your shopping list. These unique MSD inscribed covers actually show off the signature red coils. MSD also offered up its own take on Iridium spark plugs.

Quarter Master

50 SEMA New ProductsAnother new clutch option for big-power 2010-2014 GT500s and 2011-2014 Mustang GTs and Bosses is from Quartermaster. Available in both single- and dual-disc versions, the Optimum-SR 10.4-inch two-disc clutch is designed to corral up to 1,400 horsepower and 1,000 lb-ft of torque with stock-style pedal effort. If you don’t need that much grab, the single-disc version will tackle up to 700 horsepower and 500 lb-ft of torque.

Rigid Industries

34 SEMA New ProductsOffering style, improved lighting, and an integral camera for SVT Raptors is Rigid Industries’ 2010-2014 Ford Raptor Grille. It features a mounting spot for an action camera and includes one of the company’s 30-inch RDS Series LED lights to keep your action movie well lit.

Samco Sport

35 SEMA New ProductsWe have a set of Samco Sport’s durable and attractive silicone hoses on our 2008 Shelby GT500, Project Vapor Trail. They fit great and look great. Now owners of 2013-2014 GT500s have the option of installing a Samco kit on their Trinity 5.8-liter engines.

SCT Performance

36 SEMA New ProductsWhen SCT Performance announced that its X4 Power Flash tuner had WiFi, we knew it was just the beginning of its capabilities. What began as the ability to download firmware updates without a computer will soon include much more. Beginning in January owners of WiFi-capable SCT and Bully Dog devices will be able to download custom tunes from the cloud.

Snow Performance

37 SEMA New ProductsSnow Performance unleashed a blizzard of new hardware in the desert heat. From a larger water/meth tank to a new VC50 Hybrid Digital Variable Controller, the company continues to expand its offerings. Snow showed off a new EcoBoost kit, and a slick intercooler sprayer that we previewed for you last week. However, the biggest game changer in its repertoire could be this plug and play harness, which will greatly simplify the installation of any Snow water/meth system.

Spec D Tuning

38 SEMA New ProductsIf your 2012-2014 Focus has HID headlights, the factory taillights might seem a bit old fashioned. Thanks to Spec D Tuning you can upgrade the rear lighting to brighter LED units. The company’s plug and play Optic LED Taillights feature SMD LEDs and include turn signal and reverse-light bulbs. They are available in clear, red, and smoked versions.

Speed Dawg Shift Knobs

39 SEMA New ProductsOh yeah! Project Vapor Trail needs this Cobra Black Carbon Fiber Finish Shift Knob from Speed Dawg. Atop its carbon finish, this 2 1/8-inch knob is engraved with a white six-speed shift pattern and a Cobra on both sides. If you need to control a line lock or spray nitrous, there is an optional momentary switch.

TCI Auto

40 SEMA New ProductsThe factory 6R80 transmission behind the 2011-and-up Coyote engines does quite well in stock form. However, if you aren’t satisfied with that performance, TCI now has a high-stall, lock-up torque converter for this transmission, as well as a companion flexplate. This converter will apply the clutch even at wide-open throttle. Its triple-disc clutch and 50-spline clutch hub are built to take a lot of abuse.

TMI Products

41 SEMA New ProductsOur friends at TMI Products had their full line on display, including a complete seat targeted at vintage applications, and the entire selection of modern seating upgrades. We also learned that TMI is considering an upgrade path for 2015 Mustang seating.


42 SEMA New ProductsTruFiber‘s TruCarbon division showed off both an insert for the factory 2015 Mustang GT engine cover and a full carbon-fiber engine cover and matching coil covers for the latest Coyote engine. The company also offered up full carbon fiber upper and lower grilles for the 2013-2014 Shelby GT500.

Vintage Air

43 SEMA New ProductsSwapping in a Coyote engine but want full accessories like air conditioning and power steering? Well, Vintage Air‘s Ford Coyote 5.0 FrontRunner Drive System delivers just that. The complete front engine accessory drive includes all the necessary hardware—including an air conditioning compressor and a power steering pump—to get the job done.

Vortech Superchargers

44 SEMA New ProductsMoving into EcoBoost charge cooling is a great thing, but Vortech hasn’t forgotten its supercharged origins. The company also debuted its new V-7 YSi-B Supercharger at the show. It is designed to support up to 1,400 horsepower by creating up to 30 pounds of boost and up to 1,950 cfm of air.

Wagner Tuning

45 SEMA New ProductsEcoBoost tuning has shifted into high gear lately, and even F-150s are getting into the act. Those pushing big boost with the turbo trucks might want to check out this Ecoboost Competition Intercooler for 2011 and newer F-150s from Wagner Tuning. It features cast-aluminum end tanks joined to a tube-and-fin core. Wagner says it provides the best possible cooling airflow.

Whiteline Suspension

46 SEMA New ProductsWhiteline is just getting warmed up with its S550 suspension bits. First out of the gate is the company’s Front and Rear Adjustable sway bar kit. Mounted with synthetic-elastomer bushings that don’t need grease, these bars feature three points of adjustability. The front bar measures 35mm in diameter and the rear clocks in at 24mm. They feature adjustable ball-joint-style end-links for precision tuning.


47 SEMA New ProductsIf the factory brakes just don’t provide enough stopping horsepower, Wilwood introduced its 15-inch big-brake kit for the front of the 2015 Mustang. Based on the company’s Aerolite 6R calipers and BP-20 pads, the kit employs Wilwood’s two-piece rotors and is said to provide super car braking in a bolt-on package.


48 SEMA New ProductsIf you burn corn, you can’t always be sure it’s E85. The ethanol content of this fuel can vary depending on the season. To keep tabs on just what you are burning, you can install the ECA-2 Ethanol Content Analyzer with E% Hacker Display from Zeitronix. This gauge provides real-time ethanol-content analysis reading concentration percentages for 0 to 100 percent.



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