New Product: 2015 Mustang ProCharger

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New Product: 2015 Mustang ProCharger

Coyote ’Charger

ProCharger introduces its S550 supercharger system

By Steve Turner
Photos courtesy of ProCharger

We know modern 5.0 engines love boost, but an updated Coyote engine in a new chassis deserves a new supercharger system, right? That’s just what ProCharger has built for the latest Mustang.

1 2015 Mustang ProCharger
The ProCharger HO system for the 2015 Mustang will be available for shipment on December 18.

“Built around it is a brand new and robust bracket system designed specifically for the 2015 Mustang engine bay, with the same quality and fit/finish you’d expect from ProCharger,” says the company. “Our clean slate approach allows us to build supercharger systems with distinct advantages for our customers, and frees us from having to cut corners by trying to retrofit existing kits to the latest models. Our ‘from the ground up’ approach ensures reliability, reversibility, and of course, more horsepower!”

The ProCharger for the 2015 Mustang will be offered in the base High Output system and the more powerful Stage 2 system. Based on the P-1SC supercharger, the HO kit shares the factory six-rib accessory drive and includes a large air inlet, and an air-to-air intercooler. It comes complete with tuning and larger fuel injectors. This system is said to install without altering the coolant hoses or fan.

If you want even more power, ProCharger will offer its Stage 2 system with a dedicated, eight-rib belt drive; an even larger intercooler; and your choice of supercharger head units up to the F-1R, which will support up to 1,225 horsepower! This kit should be available by January 15, 2015.



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