News: 2015 Mustang European Orders

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News: 2015 Mustang European Orders

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It’s the moment European Mustang fans have been waiting for, the S550 is available for order

By Steve Turner

Today is a big day for pony car fans across Europe. The 2015 Mustang is available for order, and to stoke the spirits of pony car fans Ford has released a simple, yet effective video.

Today, Mustang fans can place their orders for 2015 Mustangs.
Today, European Mustang fans can place their orders for 2015 Mustangs.

“In 2014, our new passenger cars, commercial vehicles and remarkable technologies helped us outperform the market and increase our market share in Europe,” Jim Farley, chairman and CEO, Ford of Europe, said. “In 2015, we’re excited to build on this momentum and reach new customers with everything from larger, more upscale cars and utilities to new performance vehicles to vehicles designed for families of every size. These new vehicles reflect a more emotional and upmarket vision for Ford products in Europe.”

To see that emotional, upmarket vision in action, you need only watch this video:

Europeans will be able to order both 2.3-liter EcoBoost- and 5.0-liter Coyote-powered Mustangs starting today. Both Fastback and convertible versions will be available.

“Our entire product development team around the world, and especially here in Europe, have been working harder than ever to deliver on the product promises that we have made as part of our revitalisation plan,” Joe Bakaj, vice president, Product Development, Ford of Europe, said. “From performance cars that deliver outstanding on-road performance to family vehicles that deliver great quality, fuel efficiency, safety and technology, 2015 promises to be one of the most exciting years for Ford of Europe and its customers.”

In the near future, the 2015 Focus ST will also be available across the pond, so the future is indeed bright for Ford Performance around the globe.



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