Video: 10-second 2015 Mustang

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Video: 10-second 2015 Mustang

Back to the Track

Lethal Performance runs deeper into the 10s with its Whipple-blown S550

By Steve Turner
Photos courtesy of Lethal Performance

When we last touched base with Lethal Performance‘s Whipple-supercharged 2015 Mustang GT, hot-shoe Jeremy Martorella ran a best pass of best pass of 10.53 at 135.81 mph at Palm Beach International Raceway. Over the weekend, Team Lethal was back at PBIR fine-tuning the combo and ran the car deeper into the 10-second zone.

If you aren’t up to speed with Lethal’s bolt-on 2015 Mustang put down 805 rear-wheel horsepower on the Dynojet at Power by the Hour in Boynton Beach, Florida, to the tune of 805 rear-wheel horsepower courtesy of a custom Lund Racing calibration.

“We took our Whipple powered 2015 GT back to Palm Beach International Raceway for another fun night of racing,” Jared Rosen, of Lethal Performance, said. “Last time out we were pretty consistent with 10.50s but knew with some small changes and a little more seat time we could work our way deeper into the 10s. A few small changes in the tune from Ken Bjonnes of Lund Racing and a new Barton shifter and she was ready to rock.”

You can watch one of the new drag passes right here…

“Although we didn’t get the 10.33 pass on film we got this 10.40 pass and included the time slip so everyone can see how the car did,” he added. “Not only did we run a 10.33 in the quarter, but we trapped 109 and change in the eighth which is definitely moving. Unfortunately we’re out of gear which is greatly affecting our miles per hour, so we hope to throw a set of 3.55s in before we hit the track again.”

Certainly this isn’t the last we’ll hear from the Lethal project ’Stang, so stay tuned as we bring you the latest updates to this combo right here on the Front Page of SVTP.



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