Video: Shelby GT350R Revs Up London

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Video: Shelby GT350R Revs Up London

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A Shelby GT350R makes beautiful, Flat-Plane Crank music across the pond

By Steve Turner
Photos courtesy of Ford Motor Company

As we know, the Shelby GT350R caused quite a stir at the Goodwood Festival of Speed in the United Kingdom with the former Stig, Ben Collins behind the wheel. While the car was across the pond, Ford decided to do a bit more promotion with it. They encouraged people to try find the #MustangInLondon on social media. With it parked there, they set up cameras to document the reaction to the striking, Race Red Shelby.

“The Shelby GT350R Mustang is currently only planned to be sold in North America,” says the video description. “We decided to take the car into London, UK, to see if European customers are ready for it.”

Check out the video and listen to that beautiful Flat-Plane-Crank music as Ford PR reps revs the engine for the passers-by…

As you might expect, the car inspired a lot of photography, but not everyone enjoys the exhaust sound as much as we do. Perhaps this is a foreshadowing of a future availability of the GT350 in Europe, but even if it doesn’t suggest that, we always love an opportunity to hear that Voodoo 5.2 in action.

If you want a bit more of the UK action, Ford clearly gave Paul Wallace of Supercars of London a heads-up for a bit of viral marketing, and he captured more video of “finding” the #MustangInLondon …



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