Video: 2015 Mustang In Europe

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Video: 2015 Mustang In Europe

Continental Ride

With the new Mustang arriving in Europe, Ford releases a series of videos

By Steve Turner
Photos courtesy of Ford Motor Company

As we are about to celebrate Independence Day in the United States, we can be thankful that we have had the 2015 Mustang for quite a while. As it goes on sale for the first time in Europe, Ford has released a series of documentary-style videos highlighting its features for a new audience.

“The new Ford Mustang will be wickedly fast off the line and throw you back in your seat with a thrilling engine soundtrack,” Hermann Salenbauch, Mustang vehicle line director, said when its performance specs were released. “But Mustang isn’t just fast in a straight line. The ride and handling will be a revelation for European drivers.”

Obviously, the independent rear suspension is a big selling point across the pond, but the videos do highlight many of the car’s other features, including the quick-opening convertible top, as you’ll see in the first video set in France…

Our favorite part of the series has to be listening to Raj Nair, Ford Group Vice President, Global Product Development and Chief Technical Officer, talk about the new Mustang as it slides around a Belgian test track…

In a Scottish setting, Ford’s vice president of Design, Moray Callum, details the finer points of 2015 Mustang styling…

And finally, Jim Farley, Ford of Europe’s president and CEO, gets nostalgic about the Mustang experiences that set him on his path in life…

Sure, we already know about the 2015 Mustang in the states, but watching these videos does make us flash back to the anticipation of the car’s release. It was an exciting time, and it makes us look forward to the next new Mustang release.



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