Video: 2017 Raptor Trail Testing

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Video: 2017 Raptor Trail Testing

Trail Tested

Watch Ford put the 2017 Raptor through its paces in the backwoods

By Steve Turner
Photos courtesy of Ford Motor Company

Are you curious how the the 2017 Raptor will handle the rough environments that you plan to subject it to? Well, Ford has been busy testing this truck in all sorts of grueling environments. The latest test footage they have shared is of the Raptor doing its thing in the woods.

If you are wondering if the forthcoming F-150 will be trail ready, don't worry. Ford's been busy testing it in the woods.
If you are wondering if the forthcoming F-150 will be trail ready, don’t worry. Ford’s been busy testing it in the woods.

“Ford Performance engineers are busying trail testing prototypes of the all-new F-150 Raptor, the toughest, smartest and most capable Raptor ever. The all-new Raptor is able to tackle even tougher hills, ruts and bumps along trails than the previous model,” says Ford. “Here an early engineering prototype that combines parts from the 2017 Raptor with the 2015 F-150 climbs tight two-track trails in Northern Michigan, where the team is testing the new truck’s components over challenging terrain.”

You can watch the forthcoming EcoBoost Raptor in action right here…

“The 2017 F-150 Raptor has better ground clearance than the first-generation Raptor and comes standard with new 3.0-inch FOX Racing Shox with custom internal bypass technology. The shock absorption technology works to damp and stiffen suspension travel over rough terrain.” the company added. “An all-new four-wheel-drive, torque-on-demand transfer case further improves Raptor’s trail performance. The new transfer case, which manages power distribution between the front and rear wheels, combines the best attributes of clutch-driven, on-demand all-wheel drive with durable, mechanical-locking four-wheel drive…”

Of course, this truck won’t be available until the Fall of 2016, but it’s never too early to start saving…



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