Video: 9.11-second 2015 Mustang

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Video: 9.11-second 2015 Mustang

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BMR Suspension’s Kelly Aiken rips off a 9.11-second pass in his street S550

By Steve Turner

The concept of a street/strip car has long been the dream for performance car enthusiasts. Being able to drive your car to the drag strip, blast off a sick pass, and drive it home is undoubtedly cool. In the old days doing this meant making some compromises, but today it really is possible to have your 9-second cake and eat it too.

That is definitely the case when it comes to Kelly Aiken’s 2015 Mustang GT. If you are familiar with BMR Suspension and its wares, Kelly is the company’s Mustang Suspension Specialist on the front lines helping develop these products, and one of the test vehicles is his personal S550.

To bring you up to speed, Kelly’s car features a built Coyote short-block, a VMP Performance TVS supercharger, a Lund Racing E85 calibration, Billet Specialties wheels, Mickey Thompson tires, and more.

With this combo, Kelly is on a quest to run in the 8-second zone and during a recent test session at Bradenton Motorsports Park he took advantage of some cooler air to run some low-9-second passes, including this 9.11-second, 152-mph pass…

He drove to the track, ran these e.t.’s and drove the car home despite at wounded differential, so Kelly’s ride definitely has street/strip cred. On one of the passes his car even pulled a 1.2-second 60-foot time, so the BMR suspension gear is definitely working.

Once Kelly freshens the rearend gets back to the track we expect that he might just reach his 8-second goal soon, and we hope to bring you a more detailed report on his impressive car in the future.



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