News: Valdosta Police 2016 Mustang

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News: Valdosta Police 2016 Mustang

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The Valdosta Police Department will patrol in a hopped-up Steeda ’Stang

By Steve Turner
Photos courtesy of Steeda Autosports

Late last year Steeda Autosports announced that it was continuing its tradition of building Special Service vehicles with its 2016 Steeda line of Mustangs for police, special service and military customers. Recently the company complete this example, which is earmarked for traffic enforcement, for the Valdosta Police Department.

Steeda Autosports recently completed this special service S550 for the Valdosta Police Department in Valdosta, Georgia.
Steeda Autosports recently completed this Special Service S550 for the Police Department in Valdosta, Georgia.

If you are familiar with Steeda, you know the company’s expansive manufacturing facilities are located in Valdosta, Georgia, so it comes as know surprised that city law enforcement would turn to a local company for a more capable pursuit vehicle.

“From U.S. manufacturing facilities—to supporting the United States Military—to supporting Law Enforcement … Steeda has tremendous roots when it comes to their relationship with this great nation,” says the company. “This support is as strong as ever as Steeda Autosports continues their relationship with the Valdosta Police Department dating back to 2010 when Steeda was challenged to improved safety features, upgrade braking systems and provide fuel saving technology modifications to improve miles per gallon.”

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