News: Ford F-150 at SEMA 2016

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News: Ford F-150 at SEMA 2016

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Ford is set to show off a quartet of hopped-up pickups at The SEMA Show

By Steve Turner
Photos courtesy of Ford Motor Company

Get ready for the excitement to start building. I less than a month automotive aftermarket will converge on Las Vegas to show off its wares for the coming year. The display vehicles built to show off these products are a major part of The SEMA Show experience. Over the years, the original equipment manufacturers became involved as a way to showcase their vehicles as a basis for these modifications and Ford is a major part of this.

1-ford-f-150-at-sema-2016_hulstToday the company began its pre-SEMA announcements with a teaser detailing the F-150 pickups it is supporting at this year’s show. We can’t wait to see these trucks in person at the show, but for now it’s great to get a look at what is to come.

“America’s best-selling truck for nearly 40 years, and also holds the title of America’s best-selling vehicle for 34 years.  F-Series Trucks have won SEMA’s Hottest Truck Award four consecutive years, proof of the ability to captivate enthusiasts as the most accessory-friendly truck on the market,” says the company. “Ford continues to expand its presence at SEMA, offering attendees a chance to experience these vehicles the way they were intended at Ford Out Front, watching or riding in one of the many Ford performance cars or trucks on a closed course.”

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