Tech: Livernois’ Firestorm High Pressure Fuel Pump

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By SID297

Tech: Livernois’ Firestorm High Pressure Fuel Pump

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The stock HPFP is the major power limiter on a bolt-on 2.3L EcoBoost.  Why stay stock?

By SID297
Photos Courtesy of Livernois Motorsports


For performance enthusiasts Ford’s EcoBoost engine platform has been a major hit, and that was even before Ford began putting the smaller boosted engines in their flagship performance vehicles. FoMoCo’s stance has been clear from the start, they want to see an EcoBoost in everyone’s driveway. With the GT, RS, and Raptor only being available with tweeked EcoBoost engines making serious factory power it is becoming even more difficult for the ‘V8 Only’ crowd to embrace the OEM turbo’d mills. That’s especially true when you throw in the fact that the EcoBoost line responds ridiculously well to simple bolt-ons.

However, there has always been one thing really holding back the EcoBoost from reaching insane gains on the stock bottom-end; the factory high-pressure-fuel-pump (which feeds 3,000+PSI fuel to the direct injectors). The OEM cam driven HPFP simply runs out of steam way before the rest of the components (turbo and rotating assembly) become limits. Without the ability to flow more fuel through the factory pump owners seeking more power had to turn to expensive and complicated secondary port-injection fuel systems or alternative fuel sources (such as methanol injection).

Thanks to Livernois Motorsports those in the pursuit of more power now have a much simpler option, the Firestorm High Pressure Fuel Pump. It is capable of flowing twice the fuel of the factory pump. With the Livernois HPFP EcoBoost owners will now be able to take full advantage of their factory turbochargers and the addition of higher flowing aftermarket fuel injectors. Not only that, but the Firestorm pump will be able to keep up with larger aftermarket turbos and ethanol based fuels…Click Here to Continue Reading.



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