Video: SVTP Forum Tutorials – Part 2

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By SID297

Video: SVTP Forum Tutorials – Part 2

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New software makes posting easier.

By SID297

Recently we posted a couple videos demonstrating some of the awesome new features  of our freshly installed forum software.  Well we decided to not just stop with those first few tutorials, we’ve produced several others.  Over the next few weeks we’ll be releasing several more how-to-use-the-forum videos.  However, today we have a couple more for you that will make using the forum much easier and more enjoyable.

The first video in this article is a quick tutorial on something that was somewhat cumbersome with the old software, embedding YouTube videos in a post.  Gone are the days of dealing with the old [tag] system.  Check out how simple it is now:


The second video will describe the subscription feature.  By subscribing to your favorite threads/forums/members you’re able to keep informed on the latest developments of interest on SVTP.





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