Build: Horsepower is in the Forecast

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By SID297

Build: Horsepower is in the Forecast

Happy Accident

Sometimes the path reveals itself.

By SID297

You know, I love it when someone asks how much you have in your build and you can simply reply with “A lot.”  That’s exactly the exchange that occurred in SVTP Member Weather Man’s (Brian) S-197 build thread.  It all started with a deal that was too good to pass up.   Brian happened upon an engine for the right price in the SVTP Market Section and just had to pick it up.  His plans only extended as far as placing it on an engine stand to wait for some project off in the distant future.  Well that’s just not how things turned out.

Comp Cams supplied the bumpsticks for Weather Man’s build.

After discovering that the engine needed a rebuild (including a .020” over-bore), Brian knew he had crossed a threshold beyond which stock’ish made no sense.  However, he certainly was in no hurry to rush the project to completion.  The build originally started in late 2015, and is actually still ongoing.  Following the mantra of “take your time and get it right”, Brain has been making steady progress and using high quality parts in order to reach his goal of over 700HP.

There’s something about quality welding that just makes me happy.

Brian’s Accidental Build features:

  • Whipple Supercharger,
  • Custom PNR Welding Intercooler Tank,
  • 3V Heads ported by Foxlake
  • American Racing Headers with 1/7″ primaries and 3.5″ collectors
  • Header Coating by Swaintech
  • MBRP Mufflers
  • BMR Suspension
  • A set of Comp Cams
  • Jessel’s billet Roller Finger Followers
  • Super Cobrajet Oval Throttle Body and Cold Air Intake
  • AFCO Double-Pass Heat Exchanger with Fans
  • 6-Point Maximum Motorsports Roll Bar
  • RaceStar Wheels
  • Manley 4.6 Forged Crankshaft
  • Manley I-Beam Rods
  • Swaintech Coated Wiseco Pistons
  • Deatchwerks 1500 CC Injectors
  • CFM Breather, etc.

For more information on Weather Man’s build and a ton more pictures check out the link below:

Click Here for the Full Thread




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