SN-95 Cobra C-Head Swap

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By SID297

SN-95 Cobra C-Head Swap

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By SID297

The 1996 SN-95 Cobra saw the introduction of the 4-Valve 4.6L all-aluminum Modular V8.  At the time, these free-breathing engines were revolutionary.  However, as time has marched on the 305HP Cobra engines have become a bit tame for many’s tastes.  Luckily, with a few popular modifications you can add a new level of performance to your ‘soon-to-be-classic’ SVT.

While it is possible to swap the heads in car, it is far easier to pull the engine for the job.

That’s exactly what  SVTP Member 98-svt-stang (“Andrew”) decided to do when he set out to tackle a head swap on his 1998 SVT Cobra.  While the SN-95 factory equipped B-Heads are known for their ability to move large amounts of air at high RPMs, their dual-port design was never really accepted by the aftermarket.  As such, hi-po part options are a bit more limited for the B-Heads than for the later C-Heads.

All buttoned up and ready to be dropped back in.

Andrew selected a Mach-1 Intake Manifold and ARP Studs to compliment the L&M prepped C-Heads that he was able to snag.  In a wise move of stretching the power-per-dollar equation, Andrew decided to reuse his factory 1998 Cobra camshafts.  Some may be unaware, but the SN-95 Cobra cams were the most aggressive factory install modular bump-sticks offered by Ford.  Some custom powder coated valve covers and some coating work on the intake was also on deck for this build.  This round of largely factory-based mods was capped off with a dyno run, but to see those results you’ll need to check out Andrew’s full build thread below:

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