Hurricane Irma and Mustang Week 2017

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By SID297

Hurricane Irma and Mustang Week 2017

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Meteorological expectations for MW2k17

By SID297 : Photos by bad93svt and ASVT2NV

So my phone has been blowing up over the weekend about what kind of weather everyone can expect during Mustang Week 2017 in Myrtle Beach, SC. The predominate question on most minds seems to be whether or not Hurricane Irma is going to have an impact on the festivities? While I am certainly not a meteorologist, I have lived in the Myrtle Beach area for nearly a decade and spend a lot of time analyzing marine forecast in order to safely pilot my boat. So with those meager qualifications in mind, here is my take on what you can expect for weather during MW2k17.

It’s easy to get sucked into starring at the lately storm spaghetti line maps.

I’m about 95% certain that Hurricane Irma is not going to have any real impact on the actual Mustang Week events. The storm is still very far from the mainland US, and it is way too early to accurately predict its landfall location if any. Chances are that by the end of the week we will have a much more accurate picture of Irma’s course, but it will still be far enough from SC to not pose a threat to Mustang Week attendees. That being said, I have a somewhat ominous feeling about this storm (which I hope is wrong); and I think the Carolinas may feel some of its wrath some time after Mustang Week has ended.

A little rain only dampens the festivities temporarily.

However, if Irma does take a turn towards the Carolinas and the forecasts predict a hit from a Cat4 storm one thing is certain; mandatory evacuations of tourists and visitors will be ordered. During Hurricane Mathew last year the local police went door-to-door in the rental properties to make sure out-of-town-guests had vacated. If I remember correctly, that evacuation order was given four days before Mathew was predicted to make landfall. While the possibility is slight, there does still exist the chance that an evacuation order may be given sometime next weekend. If it is ordered, please heed it and safely make your way home. As a local who has ridden out several storms, heavy weather prep is much easier to carry out when the roads and stores are free of vacationer traffic…Click Here to Continue Reading

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