Coyote Swapped Ford Ranger

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By SID297

Coyote Swapped Ford Ranger

V8 > I-4

Big engine in a little truck.

By SID297

It’s a simple formula dictated by basic physics: High Power + Low Weight = Fun.  Doesn’t get much easier than that; and when it comes to Ford trucks they don’t come much lighter than a Regular Cab 2WD Ranger.  Further, we all know that the 5.0 Coyote V8 is the Ford mill of choice for modern motor swappers.  So the combination of those two would seem to be a logical pairing, though one with some unique challenges.

This is always an intimidating starting point, but it’s also where the fun begins.

Well SVTP Member lowranger96 (“Chris”) certainly seems up to the challenge.  Over the past year he has been chronicling the major modification of his 1996 Ford Ranger.  What started out as a mild-mannered driver has been transformed, through many hours of hard work and skilled fabrication, into a seriously potent street machine.

A lot of stuff has to share not-a-lot of space in this area of the engine bay.

Of particular interest to me is the expert level metal work required build the custom long-tube headers and create the necessarily intricate steering shaft routing.  Few things make me happier than custom machine/fab work, and Chris’s rig is chock full of it.  From the one-off intake and exhaust systems, to the bespoke cooling and mounting solutions the amount of work involved in this build is truly impressive.  You can check out Chris’s full Coyote Swapped Ranger Build Thread by clicking the link below:

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