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By Steve Turner

When you are photographing a drag race, there can be some occasional downtime. If a car breaks and leaves a trail of transmission fluid right down the center of the track the racing has to pause until the track is cleaned. You must have a safe surface.

Caption ContestThere is also the periodic maintenance that a working drag strip needs—be it scraping, spraying or sweeping. It is unforgiving work. The crew at a drag strip deserves all the thanks in the world. The track surface can be blistering, and the days can be long. It is real work.

Given the often boiling conditions and long days, we don’t often see the track staff really enjoying themselves out there. They are usually all-business. Well, at the NMRA’s season opener in Bradenton, Florida, this member of the Bradenton Motorsports Park staff was rocking the whole time.

Now, your longhaired author is casting no aspersions, but this guy was the rock star of the strip. With the shades, bandanna, wallet chain, and boots, he was ready for the stage. Add in cigarette dangling from his lip while he was twirling the broom like a microphone stand and we were ready to rock with him.

I am going to assume he has a killer band that he plays with during the week, but I don’t have to assume that you can write a funny caption for this shot. So, be sure you are a registered SVTP member and post your funny caption in the comments below by midnight on Thursday July 31. We’ll pick our favorite funny and let the winner know a week from today. The winner will join the cool kids’ club by winning an sticker for his or her ride.



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