News: Mustang Password Popularity

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News: Mustang Password Popularity

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If you are a Mustang fan, it might be time to change your Internet passwords

By Steve Turner
Photos courtesy of Ford Motor Company

Understandably proud, Ford shared that, according to SplashData, the word “Mustang” is the 16th most popular password used for personal networks and online accounts. No word if there were any Brand X passwords on the list, but Mustang did top other cultural icons, like Superman and Batman.

0 Mustang Password Popularity Featured“We’re flattered people want to use ‘mustang’ as their password, but alone, it just isn’t strong enough to be secure,” Keith Moss, Ford Director of Cyber Security, said. “We encourage people to use ‘mustang,’ but we recommend they strengthen their password by mixing upper and lower case letters, numbers, acronyms and symbols to make it unique.”

While the company was clearly in the mood to brag about its password placement, they did use the occasion as an opportunity to offer up some tips for creating a more secure password. Here they are:

• Add numbers to your password, like your favorite Mustang model year, the year you bought your Mustang or year you sold the car

• Incorporate Mustang option codes, paint codes, engine codes or digits from your VIN

• Create acronyms for modifications made to your Mustang

• Include your favorite driving road or road trip destination

Now, we are sure some of the real Melvins out there were already using their VIN as a password, as there’s no need for a password manager when you have it memorized or tattooed on your arm. We kid, of course, but if you are using just Mustang, you might want to step up your password game.



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