Tech: Paul’s 2011 Coyote Build Thread

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By SID297

Tech: Paul’s 2011 Coyote Build Thread

Customized Coyote

Because modified is better than stock.

By SID297

Few things are more satisfying for a gearhead than that feeling of success you get when standing back and gazing upon your recently completed build.  That’s just the sensation SVTP Member Paul. experienced after the long construction project that is his 2011 5.0L-Powered Mustang GT.  What started as a fairly typical loaded Premium GT was transformed into a customized ride an owner can be proud of.

Paul.’s modifications to place over a few years, but the effort has paid off.  Be sure to click the link below to see his full build thread:

According to Paul., his car was formerly owned by ‘some rich guy’ who mostly used it to hold down the floor in his garage.
The combination of Koni shocks/struts, Steeda Sport springs, and GT500 mounts deliver a mild drop and improved handling; while still remaining civilized on the street.
What S-197 would be complete without a set of GT500 Brembo brakes? All 15-inches and 6-pistons worth.
An MGW shifter is on gear rowing duty. That shifter is basically a necessity in an MT-82 car.
The interior also got some upgrades courtesy the GT500; to include the steering wheel, shift boot, and e-brake.
A new grille and a California Special lower fascia is an excellent combination for really setting off the look of an S-197 front-end.
With her Forgeline wheels and glass roof Paul.’s 2011 GT strikes quite a pose from this angle.

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