Project Crowdmower: Ford Chassis, Nissan Trans, And Chevy Engine

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By SID297

Project Crowdmower: Ford Chassis, Nissan Trans, And Chevy Engine

Mass Hysteria

Soon to be leaving a car show near you.

By SID297

You wanna turn some heads or make some traditionalists lose their minds?  Well there’s few better ways to do that than install a Chevy LS-Motor into your Mustang.  That’s exactly what SVTP Member laextreme5 (“Cody”) is doing with his New-Edge 2002 Ford Mustang GT, but he’s taking things one step further.  He’s also installing a CD009 transmission from a 2006+ Nissan 350Z.  Say what?

The engine and trans choice makes complete sense when you realize that Cody first started this build with the subject car being a Nissan 240Z.  He decided to take his 240 knowledge and spare parts, and transfer them in to a Mustang.  The goal is to eventually add a turbo to the mix sometime in the future.  Cody took the name of his build from the recent rash of Mustang owners having wetware failure when pulling out from a car show and plowing through a crowd of people that should know better than to stand on the side of the road when people in 4,000 pounds of steel are doing stupid things nearby.

So take a look at a few pics from Cody’s Project Crowdmower below, but be sure to check out his full (and ongoing) build thread on SVTP by clicking the link below the pics:

This is the car in question before she goes under the knife.
Easily one of the most controversial things you can do to a Mustang is swap in a Chevy LS motor. However, the potential for a little social ridicule is not enough to dissuade Cody from completing his build.
It never hurts to have an extra set of small hands in the garage to help with those hard to reach fasteners.
The CD009 transmission from a 2006+ Nissan 350Z is an interesting choice for a Mustang, but it completely makes sense when you realize the subject of this build was originally intended to be a 240Z.
To quote Ghostbusters for the second time in this article; “Well there’s something you don’t see everyday.” An LS in a Mustang is sure to draw some attention when ever the hood is popped.


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