Video: SVTP Forum Tutorials – Part 1

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By SID297

Video: SVTP Forum Tutorials – Part 1

Major Upgrades

SVTP gets a ton of new features.

By SID297

Over the past month or so we have been working on some major software updates to the forums.  Some of them are behind the scenes and are invisible to the end user.  However, the major change we made was to the type of forum software we used.  The new site still has a familiar look and layout, but there is a plethora of new features that makes forum use much simpler.  And just to help everyone get up to speed we’ve created a series of tutorial videos demonstrating their use.

Our first video covers something that everyone should be able to appreciate, how-to post pics.  Gone are the days of the [img] tags and 3rd party hosting.  Now we have a simple drag and drop function that also auto-resizes the image.  Check it out:

Our second video covers a fairly simple, but highly fundamental feature; the edit function.  From time to time you’re going to next to fix a mistake in one of your posts or add a little information.  The edit function will allow you to do just that:





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