Tech: Hurst Shifter Handle for Auto Mustangs

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By SID297

Tech: Hurst Shifter Handle for Auto Mustangs

Classic Touch

Adding old-school style to your 6R80 shifter.

By SID297

The shift lever on an automatic Stang is an often forgotten piece of interior equipment.  I can count on one hand how many non-racecars a year I see with an aftermarket shift on an auto trans.  Hurst looked at that dearth in the market and saw an opportunity.  They have developed a dress-up replacement for the stock auto shift lever for the 2015-2017 6R60 equipped Mustangs in the form of their classically styled pistol grip handler.

Billet aluminum construction and black anodized grip plates (which are replaceable) give this classically styled Hurst handle a modern look.

Recently, SVTP Member “thehunterooo” installed Hurst’s new handle in his S550 Mustang.  According to him the install took less than 15 minutes, and the instructions were very easy to follow.  The billet construction of the handle certainly looks like it would impart a solid feel to the unit.  I can definitely imagine seeing a lot more of these Hurst handles in the wild in the coming years.  For more pics of thehunterooo’s install click the following link. - Click Here to Read Full Thread




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