Tech: Catastrophic Engine Failure Suck

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By SID297

Tech: Catastrophic Engine Failure Suck

Maximum Carnage

Ever wished you had just stayed home?

By SID297

Oh man, it’s never a good feeling; but if you push the limits enough you’re basically guaranteed to find them.  Not much can ruin your day quicker than hearing a gut-wrenching boom emanate from under your hood.  Engine carnage pics are the topic du jour on SVTP, and some of the posts are truly horrifying.

Running a bit lean and popping a piston is one thing, but going so lean that your pistons look like someone melted them with a torch is another.  Don’t get me started on the mangled mess pictured to the right.  That my friends is a broken crank, likely to be closely followed by a lightened wallet.  Grenading an engine is typically not a pleasant experience, but it’s something that a lot of us have in common.  So check out the war stories of engine carnage in the forums by clicking the link below, and don’t be afraid to share your experiences:

 Click Here for the Full Engine Carnage Thread





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