Video: SVTP Forum Tutorials – Part 3

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By SID297

Video: SVTP Forum Tutorials – Part 3

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Using SVTP just got even easier.

By SID297

We’re back to drop even more knowledge on you.  SVTP’s move to new software has been a resounding success, but there are quite a few functions that changed from the old familiar format.  So for those that may be having a little trouble figuring everything out we’ve developed a series of tutorial videos to act as your guide.  This is our third release in the series, with many more to come.

The first video in this article is a quick tutorial on something that is an essential part of personalizing your experience on SVTP, customizing your signature.  If you’re an active user of the site, chances are you recognize certain members simply by glancing at their sig.  Check out how easy it is to stand out from the crowd:

The second video will describe the new private messaging feature, now known as “Conversations”.  This system is a vast improvement over the older system in that messages are much easier to follow and search.  Multiple parties can be included as well.  Essentially, the Conversations system allows members to have private threads that can only be participated in by other invited members.  Check it out:




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