Feature: Second Chance Cobra

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By SID297

Feature: Second Chance Cobra

Labor of Love

From scrap yard to salvation.

By SID297

Let’s face it, bringing a Classic (and to the SVT community the 1993 Cobra certainly fits that definition) back from the brink is simply the Lord’s work.  From the outside many see wrecked Fox body as nothing more than a quarter decade old hunk of scrap metal, but we know better; especially when it wears a snake on its front fenders.  This s a car that deserves better.  This is a car worth saving.  Luckily, SVTP Member Tony Garcia took on the mission of returning this badly wrecked Cobra to its former glory.

Seeing a 1993 Cobra in this condition is enough to bring a tear to your eye. Thankfully this car’s story doesn’t end here.

Make no mistake, had Tony not come along this car would likely be melted down by now.  The world certainly doesn’t need any less Fox Cobras, so saving every one is important.  In this case Tony had to graft a full rear section from a donor car.  This is certainly not a repair to take lightly, but appears Tony and his crew are up to the task.  So with cutoff tools and welder in hand the team set to work.

Well that’s something you don’t see everyday.



The first order of business was to separate the front of the donor car from its posterior.   While the end result may look funny, each of these cuts have to be carefully planned and expertly executed.  Being off as little as a quarter of an inch could mean the difference between a clean repair and a car that ends up looking like a modern art installation piece.  The phrase “measure twice, cut once” really comes to mind here.  From there it’s time to start prepping the Cobra.  Before cutting into the injured SVT the interior had to be removed and any undamaged pieces salvaged.  After that bit of business the real work could begin.  Tony has a full build thread on SVTP, with lots of pics, chronicling the resurrection of his Fox Cobra.  Click the link below to check it out.

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