Feature: 4-Eye Foxes Forever

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By SID297

Feature: 4-Eye Foxes Forever

1985 GT Build

5.0 Fox get a complete makeover.

By SID297

For many of us the Fox Mustang was our introduction to the Ford Performance universe, and as such it holds a special place in our collective hearts.  Perhaps you’ve owned one in the past or hope to own one in the future, but no matter your current ownership status you can always sit back and enjoy someone else’s build process.  That brings us to SVTP Member suicidekings’ (Tony) magnificent 1985 Mustang GT build.

You know you’re in deep when your car looks like this.

When it comes to Fox Mustangs I have always had a soft spot for the 85s.  I a lot of ways they represent the then of an era, as they marked the transition from the old school 4-barrel carburetor to modern multi-port fuel injection.  It was also one year away from the end of the four-eye front end.  While the old government mandated sealed beam head lights may not be everyone’s favorite, you have to admit that there is simply nothing new on the roads today that even comes close to having a similar look.

The word “Clean” comes to mind here.

I suppose that’s one of the things drives guys like Tony to pour so much time and resources in a car that may not yet be considered a classic by most, but still qualifies for antique tags in many states.  Tony certainly isn’t holding anything back with this build, the pic above definitively proves that.  Taking an already beautiful car and blasting is apart in your own garage takes some guts, but when it starts to take shape all those busted knuckles and back aches are worth it.  I mean just look at that engine bay.  It’s a think of beauty, and it doesn’t end there.  Tony is spicing his Fox up with a full custom suspension.  You can check out the full build by clicking the link below:

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