Tech: Livernois/Magnuson TVS Supercharger Install

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By SID297

Tech: Livernois/Magnuson TVS Supercharger Install

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Livernois supercharger package runs strong.

By SID297

Chances are if you’re reading you’re probably not driving around in a completely stock Mustang.  The Ford Performance community is greatly driven by our love to modify and personalize our vehicles to suit our own tastes and styles.  And if there’s a secret list of the most desired mods hidden somewhere on SVTP I’ll bet that a supercharger is very near the tippy-top.  That’s where our friends at Livernois Motorsports comes in with their new Windstorm TVS Supercharger kit for the 2015+ S550 Mustangs come into play.

You know you’d like to ditch that factory intake manifold in favor of a blower.

Livernois has long been known for their precision machine work, expert installs, and power custom tunes from in-house tuning guru Dan Millen; but putting together a custom supercharger kit is something new for the Detroit based crew.  The kit is based around the established Magnuson 2.3L TVS Supercharger kit.  However, Livernois adds quite a few special touches to make their package complete.

As you may have seen in the past, we installed a Magnuson Supercharger kit on our 2012 Mustang GT project car (“Phoebe”).  The kit was super easy to install and very complete.  Most interesting of all it made a ton of power once we opened up the intake side with a home-brewed CAI.  What we came up with may not have been the prettiest thing in the world, but it undeniably worked.  You can learn more about that setup by clicking HERE.

For ease of installation and completeness the Livernois Windstorm kit is tough to beat.

Until now the only way to get the Magnuson kit for a 2015+ S550 Mustang was to buy the kit and make all the necessary modification in order for it to fit yourself.  Livernois has greatly stream lined that process by handling all the alterations to the kit and producing a powerful yet reliable tune.  Also included in the kit is a Livernois exclusive thermostat and specially selected spark plugs.  With their custom dyno developed tune Livernois is cranking out an extra 185hp and 137tq while still maintaining a full one-year warranty.  If you’re interested in Livernois Motorsport Windstorm TVS Supercharger kit for your 2015+ S550 Mustang you should check out the full build by clicking the link below:

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