Info: What is Your Trade Really Worth?

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By SID297

Info: What is Your Trade Really Worth?

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Are you getting top dollar for your trade?

By SID297

For many people purchasing a new car is the one of the largest single purchases they will ever make, second only to buying a house.  With that much money on the line it’s only logical to be damn near obsessed with getting the best deal possible.  With the expansion of information available through various online resources it has become fairly easy to determine what is a reasonable sale price of that shiny new vehicle.  Where things tend to get a bit more complicated and mysterious to the average consumer is when it comes time to negotiate the trade-in value of their old car.

There may not be any brand new Fox bodies left on the lot, but I’m sure Nick and company would be happy to set you up with a GT350 or Raptor.

Luckily for the SVTP faithful Member 13COBRA (Nick) just happens to be the General Manager of Anderson Ford in Missouri, and he has take the time to write a very detailed description of the process dealers go through in determining just how much to offer you for your trade.  When selling new vehicles at invoice pricing many dealerships are looking to make up as much profit as possible on used cars taken in as trades.  You can’t blame them, they have to keep the lights on; but you don’t have to make it easy on them.

On the flip side, it’s possible that sentimentality is clouding your assessment of the current market value of your old car, and causing you to miss out on what is otherwise a great deal.  It isn’t using voodoo the dealerships are using here, it’s simply knowledge of the current state of the used car market.  Armed with Nick’s knowledge you will be in a far better position to negotiate the best deal possible the next time you’re ready to trade up.  Click below to check out Nick’s full article:

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