Build: Not Just Another Build Thread

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By SID297

Build: Not Just Another Build Thread

Miles Ahead

Whipple powered GT500 built to fly.

By SID297

It’s been said that speed is the only truly modern sensation.  Perhaps that’s one of the reasons we gearheads are so drawn to massive power numbers and triple-digit top-end runs?  One thing is for certain, there has never been a better time to live for those who want to be on the cutting edge of top speed street car performance.  With each of the big three producing massively powered blown cars in the last couple years, those want to hit a buck-fifty plus need only have a bit of a fearless streak a straight/open strip of asphalt.  But what happens when bolt on levels of high-speed performance just aren’t cutting it anymore?  It’s time to build.

Exhaust port or drain pipe? No matter which it is it’ll certainly move a lot of fluid (yes, air is considered a fluid).

That’s just where SVTP Member deepblue13 (Cory) found himself.  After competing an several Mile and 1/2 Mile events Cory wanted more, and he knew the best way to get there was the old fashioned method; MORE POWER!!!  So with his sights set on 1,300HP he called up L&M and ordered a custom 5.4L Aluminum bullet (poked to 5.8L) as the heart of his GT500.  That sexy block was filled with; ductile iron sleeves, a polished (double keyed) crank, custom pistons from Diamond, Manley Pro billet I-beam rods, L&M ported heads Ferrea valves with titanium retainers, and custom ground cams.

Damn, that polished Whipple looks great with those black valve covers.

We all know that an engine is essential just an air pump; and the more air we can move through it, the more fuel we can burn, and in-turn the more power we can make.  To that end, Cory will be force feeding those custom L&M ported heads with a polished  4.0 Whipple Twin Screw Supercharger being spun by a 3.125″ pulley.   Capable of moving 2518 CFM of air at a max of 30 PSI the Whipple is certainly up to the task of hitting Cory’s goal of four-digit power numbers.

Cory’s GT500 build doesn’t stop with the power plant.  As one might expect, it continues on to the transmission and rear-end.  For the full details on the build thread (with a ton more pics and info) check out the link below:

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