Build: White 2016 Mustang GT Mods

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By SID297

Build: White 2016 Mustang GT Mods

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Stock sucks, but we can fix that.

By SID297

Not many people know this, but my favorite Ford color is Oxford White (or as I like to call it “Work Truck White”).  If I were going to buy a new Mustang, or Raptor, or Focus RS (ad nauseam) it would certainly be white.  Judging by his 2016 Oxford White Mustang GT, it would appear that Member WomenBeShoppin (Ryan) may have the same sentiment.

You want to change the driving dynamics of a base model S550? Ditch those soft suspension components for some of the sweetness in this box.

Ryan picked up his S550 a little over a year ago with the intention of modding it from the start.  He wisely purchased a Base model car, instead of one with the Performance Pack option, because he didn’t see any financial sense in paying for optional parts that he was eventually going to upgrade or replace.  That’s the kind of forward thinking that will allow an enthusiasts dollar to stretch a little farther and potential reach a higher goal in a faster manner.

Like George used to sing, “Mighty, mighty pleasin, pappy’s corn squeezin’.”

Ryan’s Oxford GT was the recipient of quite a bit more Go-Fast parts than just a suspension system.  He has installed a full exhaust including long-tube headers, a Cobra Jet Intake Manifold, Sparco seats, Mishimoto oil cooler, factory Ford Brembo brakes, Lund Tuning via an nGauge tuner, and a Procharger Supercharger.  Ryan has also been playing around with corn juice (E-85) in order to extract the greatest amount of safe horsepower at the most reasonable price.  I’m starting to sense a common theme here, and it’s one that other Mustang owners should probably take note of.  One thing is for certain, Ryan is in the process of building on beautiful Mustang.  If you’d like to see more of this white Mustang GT’s comprehensive build check out the link below:

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