Nitrous Powered Coyote build

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By SID297

Nitrous Powered Coyote build

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Lots of N2O makes up for high altitude.

By SID297

When it comes down to it, basically everything we do to make more power with our engines involves cramming as many oxygen molecules possible in to their cylinders.  However, when dealing with the thinner air found at high-altitudes that job becomes a bit tougher.  Superchargers and turbos make a huge difference, but dollar-for-dollar nothing is more effective at introduce a cool/dense oxygen supply than a bottle of nitrous oxide.

You know you’re in deep when your garage looks like this.

SVTP Member oldbones (“Cameron”) lives at altitude in Colorado, and his home track often sees DAs in the 6,000-8,000 foot range; something those running at MIR in Feb would be taken aback by.  Cameron had been playing with N2O for quite a while when the bug finally bit him hard and he decided to really through some real fuel (or in this case oxygen) on the fire.  However, this wouldn’t have been much of a build if all that was involved was a bigger show; so to support the planned power upgrade Cameron is adding forged bottom end to the mix.

When in doubt, get a bigger bottle.

The shortblock consists of a new factory Ford block stuffed with; a Boss Crank, Mahle Forged Pistons, Boundary Oil Pump Gears, and a custom crank scraper and windage tray to support the lube system at high RPM.  All this is topped with Slawko Racing Ported Cylinder Heads loaded with L&M Intake Cams, and a Custom Port-matched Cobra Jet Intake Manifold.  That should all add up to make a very potent Coyote power plant.

Cameron’s build thread is highly detailed with a lot of build theory and a ton of pics.  Click the link below to check it out:

Click Here for the Full Thread




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