’97 SVT Cobra Turbo Build

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By SID297

’97 SVT Cobra Turbo Build

Second Chances

Hurt Motor = Build Oportunity.

By SID297

Most don’t know it, but I have a pretty big soft-spot for SN-95 SVT Cobra Mustangs.  As luck would have it, we seems to be going through a small surge in interest in these cars.  I’ve seen several really nice ones popping up a shows recently, and was honored to award the SVTPerformance.com Editor’s Choice Award at the inaugural Ponies in the Smokies show to Jonathan Catapano’s highly modified Orange 1998 Cobra.  So when I saw that SVTP Member SVT GI (“Jason”) was saving an injured ’97 Cobra I took notice.

Sometimes a little pain is a good motivator.

Jason’s SVT was a clean ~30,000 mile car, but he bought it knowing that he had some engine work to perform.  During the tear down he discovered a busted piston, likely the victim of supercharger induced stress.  But that was of no consequence, because this car was going to be built with an eye towards serious power right from the start.  In fact, Jason sold off the Vortech Supercharger and Custom Short-Runner Intake the car was equipped with to some luck SVTP members because his goals were beyond their capability.

Fun times with a 4V 4.6.

So with quadruple digit power levels on the plate, Jason started his engine build with a 0.020″ Overbored Teksid Block, Cobra Crank, Manley Rods, Manley Platinum Series Pistons, King SI Bearings, and a host of ARP Hardware.  The cylinder heads are Kris Starnes Race Ported DB Castings with Fererra Valves,  Manley Springs, Ford GT Followers, and Custom Bullet Racing Turbo Cams.  All that is topped off with a Todd Warren (na/svt) ported Mach 1 lower intake, B-Upper-to-C-Lower intake adapter, and shaved B-Intake lid.  Everything is backed up by an auto trans and Circle D Converter.

While I love seeing expertly executed fresh machine work as much as the next blue-blooded SVTP Member, there’s just something about freshly painted engine bay with a wire-tuck that makes me smile.  Jason’s Cobra just happens to feature that very modification, and you can see many pics of it and all the other mods (along with their details) by clicking the link below:

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