5.3L Big Bore Modular Build

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By SID297

5.3L Big Bore Modular Build

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Bullitt Mustang Gets Big-Cube 4V .

By SID297

When it comes to subtle styling the Bullitt Mustangs have to take the award for being the most instantly recognizable.  Other than the unique Dark Highland Green paint (among select other choices) the Bullitts may be best known for the parts that were omitted in order to achieve a clean, yet menacing, look; items such as a spoiler and fog lights.  The two modern interpretations (2001 and 2008) of the 1968 orginal also came with a modest power bump over their GT counterparts.

Custom to the core, this engine is a perfect match for this Bullitt build.

However, modest power does not seem to be an interest of SVTP Member ninety5fiveoh (“Michael”); as evidenced by his boosted 5.3L Big-Bore 4V Modular engine build.  Michael started with an MMR assembled 5.3L shortblock based on the Ford Performance Racing Parts Boss modular block.  MMR stuffed the block with a Kellogg stroker crank, Manley Forged 28cc Dished Pistons, Manley Forged H-Beam Rods, Total Seal Rings, Clevite Bearings, MMR Oil Pump, and a Moroso 8 Quart Oil Pan.  All that is capped off with a set of Ported 9-Thread 03-04 Cobra Heads and Comp Stage 2 Custom Grind Blower Cams.

IRS swaps are growing in popularity, and this one is done right.

While a badass stroked mod-motor can be a lot of fun, adding some boost to the mix can take things to a much more interesting level.  Michael decided the best way for him to ‘level-up’ was with the superb VMP Performance 2.3L TVS Supercharger.  Supporting the VMP blower will be a Kooks Based Exhaust System, T-56  Transmission with Liberty 26-Spline Input Shaft, Spec Aluminum Flywheel, Spec Stage 3+ Clutch, 80lb Injectors, Ford GT Pumps, black306 Modified FPDM, and a Modified Factory Fuel Hat and -8 Feed Line.

All that should combine to produce a power plant that would Steve McQueen proud.  Michael has created a great build thread, with a massive number of pics, on SVTPerformance.com.  You can check it out by clicking the link below:

Click Here for the Full Thread




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