New Features for SVTP Premium Members

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By SID297

New Features for SVTP Premium Members

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By SID297

SVTP is proud to announce that we have now implemented a keyword alert system for Premium Members.  By CLICKING HERE you will be taken to a screen that will allow you to enter words or phrases for topics you are interested in.  Once those topics are added to your keywords list you will receive a notification any time they are posted.  There are also several options that will allow you to refine your keyword alerts based on specific forums.

Stay up-to-date with all the topics you’re interested in with the new Keyword Alert system.

By narrowing down the search fields and results you can limit your alerts down to a specific model.  For example if you are interested in VMP Supercharger s, but only for a 2015+ Mustang GTs, you can apply your keyword alert towards only the S550 forums.  This is a powerful tool that will give our SVTP Premium Members the ability to stay up-to-date on their favorite topics in a way heretofore not possible.

To get started using the Keyword Alerts system just CLICK HERE.

In addition to the new Keywords system, we have another feature for Premium Members.  Many of our long term members have requested we change the responsive sizing of site theme to allow the forum to take up a full desktop screen without any side boarders.  Well with a bit of tweeking we have created two new style themes (both black and white) that accomplish just that.  So now if you prefer a full-screen forum experience you just need to change your theme.




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