Lethal Exclusive: Whipple 3.0L Gen 5 2018 Mustang Supercharger Kit

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Lethal Exclusive: Whipple 3.0L Gen 5 2018 Mustang Supercharger Kit

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Whipple gets bigger and more efficient.

By Lethal Performance

The new Stranger Things season just dropped this weekend, prompting fans to flood social media with excitement in the form of memes, watch parties and theories. What does that have to do with Whipple & Lethal Performance? Nothing, really… or does it? In the show, an alternate universe exists parallel to the human world called The Upside Down (RIP Barb). Here’s where the tie in comes… ready?? Perhaps the engineers over at Whipple Superchargers used their own Netflix binge as inspiration for their latest & greatest 3.0L Whipple supercharger for the new 2018 Mustang GT because the supercharger is UPSIDE DOWN. Mind blown, right? Just like its entertainment counterpart, this upside down creation houses quite a monster….a 900+ horsepower monster to be exact.

Do we have your attention now?

No need to flip your screen, the new Whipple 3.0 218 Mustang GT kit has its intercooler mounted on top of the blower instead of in the valley.

When Ford first revealed their latest 2018 Mustang revamp it was met with a mix of both good and bad criticism. The new front end was not winning any “most popular” awards from the internet critics (side note: the team here at Lethal Performance love it and can’t wait for our own 2018 to be delivered). Behind that front end, however, was the familiar Coyote platform now making 25 more HP and 20 lb/ft more torque than its 2017 predecessor. The biggest change there is the new dual-fuel direct injected fuel setup. That plus better flowing heads & other tweaks makes the Gen 3 Coyote the most powerful yet. In the general sense it’s still a Coyote so you just tweak the current 2011-2017 2.9L and slap it on, make a few extra ponies and have some fun, right? Wrong.

There’s no room!

The infamous new front end and new dual-fuel direct injection fuel system posed some issues for the engineers & designers over at Whipple Superchargers. “The 2018 Mustang proposed multiple packaging problems” says Dustin Whipple, “The hood line was dropped, posing a potential issue with hood clearance with the supercharger drive pulley.” Whipple faced these issues before when the S550 body style was released, prompting their switch from a rear feed to a front feed 2.9L design, however the 2018 hood line is even more aggressive. “The [other main] issue was the implementation of the direct injection system…this took critical space in the valley of the block where we made such tremendous gains on the previous year.” The new direct injection setup “took up valuable real estate for the down facing intercooler of years past.” When they switched to the front feed setup in 2015, not only was just the inlet relocated but Whipple redesigned the intercooler and manifold to be larger and more efficient than the previous years’ design, increasing both horsepower and flow exponentially…





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