American Muscle Reviews a 2018 Mustang GT – Plus Win $17,760 For Your Truck

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By SID297

American Muscle Reviews a 2018 Mustang GT – Plus Win $17,760 For Your Truck

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AM GT takes to the streets.

By SID297

I don’t know how deep you guys have been looking into the 2018 Mustang updates, but the changes Ford has made to the S550 have really taken it to another level.  The new Level II Performance Pack has set the new standard for affordable excellence.  As expected it hasn’t taken long for SVTP Vendors to start digging into the car.  In this case, American Muscle waited precisely no time getting their new manual transmission equipped 2018 Mustang GT out on the streets for a drive.

The level of potential information available in the new digital dash is impressive.

AM does a great time giving us a rundown of the car’s features and performance.  One of the big highlights of the new car that I really like is the full digital dash.  I can see that as the starting point for some really great modifications and customization.  But the fun doesn’t stop there, the big story is the new dual-injected 5.0 Coyote V8.  Next up was some time on the dyno, where the car pumped out 437HP and 401TQ.  Not bad for a brand new car.

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Now if some time with the new 2018 Mustang GT doesn’t get you pumped, perhaps nearly $18,000 in free upgrades for your truck will.  American Muscle, through its American Trucks brand, is currently running a contest where one lucky winner will take home $17,760 in mods for their American Truck.  Check out the details here:
You can enter to win by CLICKING HERE.



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