Terminator Engine Gets a Little Emotional

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By SID297

Terminator Engine Gets a Little Emotional

Manley Feelings

Engine builder’s mood really shows through.

By SID297

So this is a weird one.  SVTP Vendor, and all around nice guys, Pro-Dyno recently made a somewhat interesting discovery.   While tearing down a Terminator engine for a rebuild they found that a previous engine builder had left them a little surprise in the form of eight smiley faces, one on each rod.

It’s the little things in life that can brighten our days the most.

We’ve long known that the factory Manley H-Beam Connecting Rods were a point of pride for Terminator owners, but someone took their happiness with the forged bits to another level.  Now we’ve found some odd things inside of engines over the years, mostly bits dropped in by a careless assembler, but this one was new to us.  The closest thing I can think of was a time when an employee at BBR decided to leave a note in Sharpie on a customer’s flywheel.

However, it appears that here we simply have eight happy connecting rods.  Perhaps they knew they were going to get to live their lives inside the heart of a Terminator.  Whatever the reason for the shared joy may have been it is certainly an interesting story.  Check out all the pics by clicking the link below:






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