Livernois Tuned – CobraBob’s Ford Edge Sport

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By SID297

Livernois Tuned – CobraBob’s Ford Edge Sport

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By SID297

Once you’ve owned a Terminator you’ll never be the same man again.  No matter what car you get next you’re always going to be longing for the raw-untamed fury that was SVT’s final Cobra (at least for the time being).  So what happens when you have to do the responsible thing and buy a new ride that’s a little more family friendly than a Snake Car?  Well if you’re long-time SVTP Member CobraBob (“Bob Arthur”) you turn to the 2.7L Twin-Turbo Ford Edge Sport.

The Edge Sport looks great in white, or as I like to call it “Winter Camo Mode”.

For those unfamiliar, the Edge Sport is a stealthy little bastard.  It hits far above its weight class and has looks to match.  In fact, the upcoming Ford Performance 2019 Ford Edge ST is largely an Edge Sport with a make-over.  It’s the 2.7L EcoBoost that makes the magic.  That little mill puts out a surprising amount of power, it’s actually on par with the 5.4L 3V V8.  But if you’re a man like Bob then you know that’s just not enough.

With only a tune, Livernois boost the output of the 2.7L EcoBoost engine by 72HP and 49TQ.

So after a quick consultation with a sales rep Bob had one of Livernois Motorsports’ famous EcoBoost tuners on the way.  I’ve reviewed the Livernois tuner before in the form of an EcoBoost Mustang, and I really liked its super simple update system.  However, the magic really begins once the device is fully updated to your application and the tune is uploaded.

Livernois is largely known throughout the Ford Performance network as EcoBoost tuning experts, and for good reason.  Dan and the guys have Ford’s turbo’d DI engine tuning down to a science.  Their tunes make excellent power and are supremely reliable, but what about Bob?  Well I don’t really want to put words in CobraBob’s mouth, but I think he is pretty happy with his results.  If you want to see Bob’s own take on the Livernois tune for the Ford Edge Sport click the link below:




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