Father/Son Budget Cobra Build

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By SID297

Father/Son Budget Cobra Build

SVT Power Play

Clean SN-95 with dead motor rescued.

By SID297

Just ask anyone who has talked future classics with me over a couple of beers, and they will tell you that I long believed that SN-95s will be the next popular project car.  For past 10 years or so the venerable Fox-Body has dominated the ground-up Mustang build market.  Alas, clean project Foxes are getting harder to find and more expensive to purchase if you do happen to luck-up on one.  However, if we skip one Mustang model ahead; clean SN-95 Mustangs (even SVT Cobras) can be had at bargain prices.

Here we have Alec, the shop foreman, directing the removal of the dusted motor.

It just so happens that SVTP Member 96GT226410 (“Jay”) was thinking the same thing, and he managed to pick up an ultra clean 1998 SVT Mustang Cobra that he dubbed “Rachel”.  Jay’s love of SN-95s dates all the way back to a poster of a white Saleen S-281 ‘vert on his bedroom wall.  There was just one issue, Rachel had a nasty case of Rod-Knock.  But, considering that the Cobra only set him back $2,000 Jay still got a pretty smoking deal.  In fact, the busted motor was a something of a selling point.  You see, Jay had intended his new SN-95 to be a Father-Son project with his 10 year old son Alec.

Now this is how you bring a Lincoln motor home from the salvage yard.

Upon delivery of the Cobra Jay and his son rolled up their sleeves and got a little dirt under their nails.  The first order of business was to yank the damaged mill.  In a bit of a throwback, Jay decided to pull the motor and trans as one unit from the top.  Jay’s ultimate plan is to add a centri’ blower and lay down around 500RWHP, but in the meantime he wanted to get the while still stacking some cash for the final build.  That led him to pick up a junk yard 1995 Lincoln Mark VIII engine, and for a mere $250 who could blame him?  Jay reused the complete Cobra Intake (with freshly cleaned IMRCs), fuel system components, and accessory drive system.   He also a set of Ford Racing stainless steel shorty headers and modified them to remove unused bungs.

A call to CJ Pony Parts was also made for a Steeda Tri-Ax shifter, and a set of FRPP 3.73 gears were picked up along the way.  Plans for Spring include a Mac Cat-Back Exhaust  and an SCT X4 Tuner.  For now, Rachel is spending the Winter sitting under a cover in Jay’s driveway waiting for Spring.  Until then Jay and Alec will be waiting patiently for warm weather and the next round of mods.




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