Terminator – Pass The Passion On

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By SID297

Terminator – Pass The Passion On

Family Tradition

Kid’s love for SVT runs deep.

By SID297

If you’re a ‘car guy’ now, chances are you were a ‘car kid’ once-upon-a-time.  You probably even remember a significant car in your early life that helped shape your current automotive fashion.  Chances are it was your Dad’s, Grandfather’s, Uncle’s, or some other family-member’s pride and joy.  Well for SVTP Member KilledbyKenne (”Justin’s”) 4-year old son Lukas, dad certainly had the right car to kick off an automotive addiction.

Justin appear to prefer his Cobras with the “Winter Camouflage” Package, aka Oxford White paint.

Justin’s 2003 Oxford White Terminator Cobra was the kind of car that any one of us would be proud to have in our garage.   It featured  a 2.8L Kenne Bell Blower, 4.10 Gears, and a Magnum T-56 Transmission with McLeod RXT Clutch; but most importantly it instantly put a smile on Lukas’s face every time he saw it.

There’s nothing like a Terminator to put a smile on your face.

Unfortunately, Justin had to make one of those inevitable ‘Dad Sacrifices’  and sell his beloved Cobra in order to purchase a new house for his family.  That left a rather large empty space in his new garage, and an even larger one in Lukas’s heart.

However, this story has a very happy ending.  After a few months in the new house, and finally selling the old one, the time was right for a new toy.  It just so happens that Justin was able to find another Oxford White Terminator, and was able to strike a deal with its owner.  With the new SVT in the garage, it was time to introduce Lukas to the new ride.  Justin and his wife, Sammie, wisely captured the moment on video, and if Lukas’s reaction doesn’t put a smile on your face then you’re probably not human.  Check it out:






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